Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Brought In A Ringer

Alternatively called Juju vs. the Dryer Vent #428

I have been a stickler for cleaning out the dryer vent since it caught on fire a few years ago.  I blogged about my love of the dryer here and here (just in case you wanted a recap).  I had it professionally cleaned and that experience went horribly.  They would only clean it from one side which I think made the clog worse.

Since then I have tried with all my might to do it myself.  It seems that I wasn't able to unclog it.  I would try and it would work for a few months but after awhile the dryer would start getting finicky again.  Today I gave up and called in a ringer.

This guy knew what he was doing.  He not only cleaned it out from the bottom but also got on the roof and cleaned it out there too!  He did confirm that there was a clog.

An hour and a half later he had it all cleaned up.

He did have this cool tool I want to look into getting.  It was a brush on a stick that you attach to your power drill.  But then again it didn't cost very much to have someone else deal with it so it might just be worth it to not have to deal with it.

It does feel good to know that it's all cleaned out and I don't have to worry about it.

So in conclusion, Screw you driver vent!  

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  1. phone number please. We have a clog somewhere in this house and the drain now drains out of the top story (overflow) drain instead of the one on the ground in the backyard so it's annoying to hear water raining down all the time. We called a guy to have him come out and do it and he wanted my arm, my leg and my first born so we have just lived with it.