Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Daughter's Latest Declarations

This weekend my daughter has been on a roll.

I'm not sure if the first one counts as a declaration or not.  It might just have been something she said that embarrassed us.  We were in a nice restaurant.  It was attached to the hotel but we didn't realize how fancy the place was until we stepped in and asked if we had reservations.  Most of the menu was fish.  Once we sat down Clover asked the waitress

"Why does it smell like cat food in here?"

I just sat there kind of stunned.  On one hand she was right.  But secondly, she probably could have phrased it better.  Ah the honesty of a five year old.  Luckily the waitress had a good sense of humor.  She said it was the funniest thing she had heard all night.

The second declaration came this morning.  While walking to breakfast she declared:

"I am an expert in everything!"

And while she does know how to write her name and recognize the streets to get home, I'm pretty sure she has a few more things to learn before she knows everything.  I envy her confidence.  The way she said it sealed the deal.  She is absolutely positive that she is an expert in everything.  We may need to go over our definitions of "expert" and "everything".    

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  1. You just need to face it, your daughter knows everything and you don't! That's why you are always wrong and she gives you those WTH looks!