Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Way Things Used To Be

I'm trying to be better about using "I" statements instead of assuming that people feel the way that I do and using the word "you".  Looking back I may have commented on a friends blog and re-reading it I noticed that I was referring as myself as "you" instead of "I".  I need to be better about that.  I don't want to unintentionally offend anyone.  

So anyhoo,  I had gotten used to the way things were.  And when something was broken for so long I just took it as a "that is life" situation.  When in fact it shouldn't have been.  It should not have taken as long as it did to fix it.  

So now that it's working again, I want to yell, preach and sing to the masses!


In one load.  I'm drying clothes in one cycle and not three!  My towels don't stink and my massive laundry pile is slowly shrinking!  

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