Thursday, April 18, 2013

Clean Eating

So I signed up for some meal planning.  Week three is going pretty well.  For me at least.  I like the menu.  It's called the Clean Eating plan.  Basically it's a menu with very little processed food.  Lots of fruits and veggies and some meat.  The only thing I don't like about the service is that it's not customizable.  I don't eat fish so I have skip over those recipes.

I like the change up from the same five things I make.  Hubby and Clover are another story.  They are not a fan of some of the other unique recipes.  I thought the Jimica and Grapefuit salad was pretty tasty.  Clover loved all the ingredients separately and took several bites while adding them to the bowl.  She even helped me mix up the salad.  But when it came time to eat everything together, she was not having it.  Hubby just looked at me.

I would be content with a nice spinach salad with blue cheese, strawberries and pecans.  Yummy!  Clover would eat the spinach and Hubby would ask me where the steak was.  Needless to say we have some kinks to work out.  But, I think it's been a nice change of pace.

My only complaint (it's not really a complaint, more of a gripe) is that healthy food is so much more expensive than junk food.  Fruits and veggies do not last long around here.  Grapes go pretty quick and any form of berries are gone an hour after we bring them home.  I'm glad we are eating better but a box of crackers last longer around here than a basket of blueberries, which my daughter eats fresh or frozen from the bag in the freezer.  We are working on growing some stuff around the house.  The basil plant looks like it has seen better days since Clover walks by and picks off a leaf every now and then just to snack on.  We just planted some tomato and basil seeds.  Who knows maybe in a few weeks we can have a homegrown Caprese Salad.

I have started on some healthier versions of our family classics to work into the plan.  I don't know how much more these two can take.  The looks on their faces when I served couscous last night was warning enough.  


  1. Ah, you made couscous? Cool! I don't eat it, I just like to say the name. Couscous! :)

    1. It doesn't really taste like anything. The texture is funny. Tiny mushy balls of cream of wheat kind of. lol!

  2. We've been clean eating here to. My only problem so far is that I'm so used to all the junk I eat it takes a lot to feel satisfied by the taste and I also find my self hungry earlier in the night. The food is great but I'm missing the "junk" factor. Dave says our bodies will adjust. We had a great salmon, Cucumber & tomato salad for dinner the other night but again for me a salad is a side dish not a main dish so I felt unsatisfied.

  3. I get like that too. The good stuff just doesn't stick with you as long. You basically have to eat every two hours and fruit doesn't travel as well as a granola bar. I am really looking forward to Strawberry season! I am going to stock up!