Sunday, December 11, 2011

Juju's Recipe for Peppermint Mochas

As you have read before and again and again, I do love me some caffeine.  Especially during the cold winter months.  It seems like every day I am ever so tempted to drive through my favorite coffee house and pick me up a Peppermint Mocha!  That gets just a tad bit more expensive when you want one every day!  On the way back from Papa's today, I was going to harass the Hubby to go through the drive through but we both knew we had plenty of coffee at home.

Once we got home I realized that we had all of the ingredients to make my very own.  I just made this up about five seconds ago, so if it is somewhere else on this big internet then great minds really do think alike!

Take one cup of coffee in your favorite mug!

While it just came out of the pot add one small candy cane that you have beat up with the back of a spoon.

Please ignore the candy cane dust from the others I made before I decided to take pictures.

Add two scoops (or two and half if you like it sweeter) of your favorite hot chocolate mix.

That scoop is a tablespoon.

Stir until combined.  Add a splash of half and half for creaminess.  Then add a very healthy dollop/squirt of whipped cream.  Then add in your other smashed up candy cane.


Might I suggest you enjoy in front of a nice toasty fire.  One with stockings already hung for extra bonus points!

Hubby fixed the switch today!

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