Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm a Stress Ball, Ya'll

Clover came in and joined us.  It was early, but I conceded because I didn't want the fit.  It seemed wrong to push her away when she "just wanted to snuggle".  So I had Clover on one side and Hubby on the other.  Within minutes they were both sawing logs.  Time ticked by on the clock and I was still laying there, wide awake.

I had my darlings on either side of me.  I was comfortable and warm.  But still sleep evaded me.  Nine times out of ten I am the last one asleep.  I think it's because I like falling asleep to noise and Hubby likes it pin drop quiet.  So it's quiet until he falls asleep and then once he is snoring I usually pass right out.

I laid there and tried to focus on why I couldn't fall asleep.  Was I stressed?  What was I stressed about?  I tried to go over the list in my head.  Everything on the list will be taken care of eventually but I still can't help but stress.

Why is it so hard to turn my brain off?  The lack of sleep is messing with my days.  Every day seems more exhausting than the last and when I look around at the end of the day I can't figure out what I did.  Whatever it is seems to be taking up all my time.  It's frustrating.  I hope this feeling passes quick so that I can enjoy what is left of the holiday season.  

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