Monday, December 26, 2011

At The Last Moment

I won't lie guys.  It was hard this year to get into the spirit of the season.  There was just so much going on. More than normal.

It had started off with a good push.  I had finished all my Christmas shopping by the first of December.  I was so proud of myself.  I have never in the history of Juju done any sort of Christmas shopping early.  We usually wait until the last minute and I drag my husband begrudgingly around Target and he complains and answers all my questions with "I dunno".  He goes for me, and I realize that.  My man hates shopping with every fiber of his being.  So this year I did 96% of it without him.  I consulted with him over Clover's presents but that was about it.  It felt weird going without him but at the same time I was happy to get it all done early so I could focus on other special things.  Maybe like decorating or baking or something.

Then enters life and I sit around wondering why there aren't enough hours in the day to do what I set out to do.

I think if it wasn't for the generosity and kindness of the people I surround myself with, I may not have gotten into the Christmas spirit at all.  Never underestimate the little things.  Simple kindness goes a really long way.  It was the little push that I needed to remember that the season is about giving to others.  I had been given kindness.  It was my turn to pass it on.    

Even if things where cutting it a little close.  I was still baking on Christmas Eve three hours before we were supposed to head out to the in-laws.

I think my big goal for this year was the same as last year.  I wanted to make a special holiday for my husband and my daughter.  I think it was successful.  Clover expressed several times that she got just what she wanted.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, which is the best present she could give her Mommy.  It complimented the pretty present her Daddy gave me.  I'm pretty sure her presents came in second, I think her first was hanging out with her family.  She loves having get togethers.  She loves playing with her cousins and twisting her relatives around her little finger.  She said many times that she was having "the best day/night ever!"  Which is what every parent wants to hear.  Then she crashed in my lap fifteen minutes before bed time.  She was all tuckered out!

As I laid her in her bed I realized that through it all I was able to pull it all together. I rocked it.  Even if it was all at the last moment.

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