Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In Which: I Feel Like a Bad Fan & Sound Slightly Crazy

All of the anticipation.  Following all of the puzzles and checking the tweets.  It was killing me.  All of the excitement.  I was ready...

So where is the October post of the Secret Codes and Battleships by Darren Hayes?

Uhm yeah, about that.  I guess last album I was spoiled.  I found the cd locally.  I was able to walk into the store and buy it and listen to it on the way home.  And I did!  Then Hubby really spoiled me by taking me to see Darren in Hollywood.  "On the Verge" was practically a theme song while prepared for the arrival of my darling Clover.  See I was spoiled.  I admit that.

This time around Mr. Hayes is working with an Australian record company to spread the music love.  Huge deal right!  I was so excited for him and a little selfishly hoping that would bring him to my neck of the woods.  They started promoting the record on the other side of the world from me.  I was a little disappointed.  From all of the reviews the tour was amazing and maybe I am just a bit jealous.

So I go to download the album on iTunes...and it errors on me!  It tells me I am not allowed to download it!  I don't remember the exact error.  All I remember is a blur and then I was mad.  It gave me the error for two days!  If I wanted the cd I would have to order it from amazon and wait.  There was a lot of mumbling to myself and a few WHATs, and an "are you serious".

A total rational person would acknowledge that it's just a technical error.  See what I did there?  I said "rational"  and I admit that I was not.  It's like Darren and I were fighting.  Except he didn't know it.  

So enter a crazy busy life, a three year old and a pumpkin carving incident.  Two weeks ago I just downloaded it.  Tonight I made it a point to sit down and listen to it!  I wanted to sit down and actually listen without doing forty eight different things.  I feel horrible.  Like the worst fan ever.  I think it's totally appropriate that I just got to "Stupid Mistake" as I got to this paragraph.  Now I feel even worse!

I did find a vid to sample the album on YouTube.

It is also available on iTunes.  I was able to finally download it.  I don't know why it gave me an error.

It is an ah-mazing album.  I've listened to it twice tonight.  In this very moment right now I have to say that my favorites are "Don't Give Up" along with "Nearly Love" and "Explode".  I say "right now" because my favorites are constantly changing.  I want to mention "Roses" because it's such an emotional song.  The message is very clear and important, but I felt that it was also a bit sad.  It resonated.  It's a great song.

So hopefully this post doesn't make me sound slightly crazy.  I have already stated that I am slightly off but I know there is a fine line and I try not to cross over it :)

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