Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just A Little Neglected

Oh the list.  You know that list of things that you should get to and for some reason or another you just don't get to it.  There are fifty other things that are more important.  Okay, so maybe not fifty.  Maybe I am being a little more than overdramatic.  Any-patting-myself-on-the-back-hoo I have been knocking stuff of the list.

The last two weeks I have uttered the words "I need to clean the fridge".  And then that statement got left just like that because of all the things in this world to do, cleaning the fridge is not on my top thousand and seven.  Then I went to the Farmer's Market.  I couldn't put my nice locally grown fruits and veggies in my poor neglected fridge.  It needed some tlc, not just throw stuff out cleaning.  I mean take everything out...try and guess what the heck it started life out as...toss, scrub, rinse...possibly bleach..repeat.  What was supposed to be a quick job turned into a hour and half later and me cursing under my breath because I just wreckity wrecked my nails that I did the night before.

Then there was my Clover's room.  Which I wish that could say looked like any other preschoolers room but then I would be lying because it looked worse.  I knew I was going to be in there for awhile.  We got the job done and I only threatened to throw everything away less than five times.  We sorted toys and washed the area rug.  Then we organized the dresser and labeled it.  I was very proud of myself at the end of the day.  I celebrated by going grocery shopping.

I also forgot to add that I spent an hour working on a nine month old coffee maker that just decided that it was a bigger diva than I, and quit.  So since my day was spent in the bedroom then shopping and putting groceries away the rest of my house looks like a tasmanian devil ran through it.  So instead of cleaning it, I'm blogging about it.  There are fifty more important things I could be doing.  Blogging is one of them.    

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  1. I have a list too, it's terrible not long but full of stuff I don't really want to do OR stuff I really want to do and can't find the time like scrap and get a pedicure. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and other days I wonder where my time goes and why I have a growing list.

    My fridge needs some lovin too, how does something we simply place things in tend to get so ridiculously dirty so quickly? I swear every time I open it I say it needs to be clean even after I've just cleaned it. It's the catch all for the dishes I didn't want to dump the night before so I save mostly eaten meals just in case I need a snack.