Friday, September 30, 2011

Conversations with a 3 and a 1/2 Year Old

My darling Clover is a talker.  Just like her Daddy.  She's been making noise since she came out of the womb.  She's always been chatty.  Conversations lately have been leaning more towards the hilarious side.

While driving in the truck the other day she tells me...

" HORRIFY me."

Excuse me?  "What!?!"

"Mom, you shock and horrify me"

K, at this point I realize that she is just repeating what she heard on one of her shows.  Thanks Phineas and Ferb.

"Honey do you know what horrify means?"



"Okay, Horrify means you are really really really really scared."

Another Pause.

"Doggies horrify me!"

"Right.  You are very scared of dogs.  So dogs horrify you.  Now that you know what horrify means...does mommy horrify you?"

"No!  Doggies and bats, and monsters horrify me".

"Right.  but that's why we keep Soda and Coffee around."

"Go Get em Soda!"


Speaking of Coffee and Soda I got told the other day that

"I sent Coffee to H and P's house because he was biting me in the ankle"

Now I have to watch out for a naughty imaginary kitten.  Better not attack me or he can stay there!


Since we have been watching Phineas and Ferb, Clover now believes that she and Candice are kindred spirits.  Maybe it's the red hair.  I'm not sure.  But since she doesn't have any little brothers yet to bust, she has taken up busting other people.

"Mom, I'm going to bust Tee and Dee and N for smoking.  I'm going to scare the smoke right out of them! I'm going to use a giant RASPBERRY!  Or maybe a monster."

I'm not sure how the raspberry is going to scare them.  Maybe one of them has something against raspberries.  Or maybe she was hungry.  I'm not sure.

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