Monday, September 5, 2011

I Guess It Happens

It sucks when one of the people you are mad at happens to be yourself.  If you start yelling at yourself, someone will more than likely call and order you a straight jacket.

For some reason when I yell at myself in my head, the referee is on a coffee break or something because all the thoughts come out and there is no one to stop myself from telling myself that.

Speaking of coffee (nice segway huh?)  our coffee maker broke mid labor day weekend.  I descaled it about two months ago but I guess that wasn't enough so after Hubs and I both looked at it, Hubs brought down Mr. Coffee and raided the coffee bean stash.  We have to wait for the descaler that Hubs bought to come so we can do the maintenance on the quote on quote newer one.  Maybe it's just my opinion but a coffee maker should not cease to function after only nine months of use.  Can't you tell I'm just slightly grumpy about the whole situation?

Anyhoo.  I've got some more posts coming just been busy and tired at the same time so I haven't been able to get a post in.  Not to mention I was running solo for almost all of last week.  Lots of pictures coming.  

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