Monday, September 5, 2011

Finding a Memory

Every now and then while at the craft store, looking for something else, I find treasures.  I find these treasures and then decide to buy them with no laid out plan in my head.  Sometimes these treasures sit somewhere half forgotten until I figure out what to do with them.  This has happened more than once.  The latest treasure to sit until the right time was my package of sewing charms.

For the longest time they sat.  I knew that I had to buy them.  They reminded me so much of my Grandmother.  She was an amazing woman who loved to sew.  I have a few of her hand made items that I keep near and dear to me.  These charms were in my craft hall and I would catch a glimpse of them and it would make me sad that I never found the right project.  I tried several times but every time I tried it just didn't seem to fit.  Then one of my very crafty friends started making button bracelets.  She is an amazing jeweler and crafty chick.  I have several of her pieces and in no way do I want her to think that I was trying to steal her idea.  All of the inspiration is her!  When I saw her button bracelets, something clicked.  I got it.  This was the project for my charms.  I went with pastel buttons because my Grandmother loved to make things for her grandkids.  So to me pastel buttons just made sense.  I am very happy with the way this charm bracelet came out.

The other piece I worked on last week was also a Memory piece.  I found these scissor charms at the craft store and they reminded me so much of my husband's aunt who has recently passed away.  She was a beautician her entire life and loved to cut hair.  She did mine more than a few times and even permed and dyed it at my whim.

She lived her life very simply, so I didn't want to over complicate the necklace.  The scissors being the main part of the necklace I added some fresh water pearls on the side since Pearls where also her birthstone.  I like the simplicity of the necklace.  It's very light and wears very well.

I have a few more found items that I discovered on the internet sitting in a box waiting for me.  It's all about finding the time and the right project.

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