Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trying Something New

Trying something new seemed to be the theme for Clover's first official Spring Break.  Just a warning that this is going to be pretty picture heavy.  Hubby decided to plan it back in January and was using it as motivation during stressful work weeks.  Stressed out?  No need to worry because we are going on Spring Break!  He wanted something that we had not done before as a family.  We have hit the Mouse House a couple of times and the Central Coast a lot.  So he chose San Diego this time around.  We usually skip it because it's about a six to seven hour drive depending on traffic.  We left Sunday morning and managed to make it to the hotel in 5 and some change.  Coming home we were not as lucky.  It took seven hours to get home.  We were all very stiff when we got out of the car.  The drive home was the only downside to the entire vacation.  

What every girl needs in her purse, lip gloss and a crochet hook!

My darling hubby taking a picture of Downtown San Diego.

Lots of pretty boats out on the water.

And at the dock.

Fountain at the hotel.  

We stayed at the Sheraton at the Marina by the airport in San Diego.  I thought that the location was going to be a problem because it is right across the street (literally) from a huge airport.  But once the balcony door was shut we really didn't hear the planes at all.  We must have gotten used to the noise because we really didn't notice them until we saw them flying overhead.  It was nice to watch the planes come in and out.

We were at the Marina so there are lots of pictures of boats.

Mmmmm butter

The restaurant at the hotel had fancy butters to try with their bread.  My favorite was the yellow pepper (the one in the middle).  Although the artichoke one was pretty good and so was the sun dried tomato.


Read the fine print.  You wouldn"t rush your Mama!

We tried a few places that were on Zagat and Yelp.  We asked around for recommendations here and there and we got some good dinner places but not anywhere for breakfast.  I didn't want to shell out twenty something a head for the buffet at the hotel so the first morning we went exploring.  We found Hash House a Go Go.  This food was awesome!  One plate could easily feed a family.  The portions are huge.  Our problem is that none of us want the same thing.  This place was kind of small and was packed.  We didn't have too much of a wait but we noticed the line as we were leaving.      

Not your normal Corned Beef Hash.

I like to think of myself as a Corned Beef Hash explorer.  The only problem with that is that I like mine a certain way.  I like it crispy and chopped up really fine and with potatoes.  This was chunky and with onions and cheese, so I was pretty iffy.  The waiter assured me it was awesome so I took a chance.  My mouth was very happy with that decision.  He was right.  It was indeed awesome.  The cheese caramelizes and gets all happy with the chunky hash.  Which was made from scratch and NOT that gross canned stuff.  The peppers and onions were a nice touch.     

Clover's Pancakes were bigger than her head.

Heading over the bridge to Coronado Island.  Which is really a peninsula and not an island. 

Speaking of being out of my is photographic proof that I was in a skirt!

She wanted to get in the water so bad.  It was pretty windy and chilly though.

Night shot over the Marina after having some killer pizza.

We took the recommendation from a friend and hit up Pizza Nova.  The place was very nice looking and I am used to my pizzas coming from little mom and pop places here so I didn't know what to expect.  They start you off with these garlic herby dough ball things which sets the tone for the entire meal which told me that my stomach was going to be very happy.  We even ordered delivery to the hotel one night since we wanted to stay in after hitting the Zoo.  That was a nice ending after all that walking.  

Another place that Clover loved was the Corvette Diner.  That was a fun place.  There was a bit of a wait but it was worth it.  It's an old timey slash retro diner.  They have live DJ that plays songs instead of a jukebox so that was a nice twist.  The hostesses and waitresses are in costumes and the whole nine yards.  They do this thing where they twist straws in your hair which Clover was all about so she got a huge bow put in hers.  My burger was probably one of the best ones I have ever had and that is a pretty huge compliment since I love my burgers.  Hubby had the one with peanut butter on it and he loved it so much I think I saw his eyes roll in the back of his head.  

Nice afternoon in the courtyard.

Having the family in one hotel room presented some challenges.  Why do hotel tv's play so much Spongebob?  Ick, I hate Spongebob.  Then there are really issues like what if one of us wanted to nap and the others didn't?  Easy, we go downstairs and chill.  There was a Starbucks in the hotel so Clover and I meandered around the hotel and found a spot to chill.  I wanted to crochet and she wanted to run around and play.  Unfortunately I left my favorite hook and three balls of yarn in the desk drawer when we checked out.  Hopefully whoever finds my project with work on it and get some use out of it.    

I had to include this one.

Oh, yeah, challenges of traveling with a six year old.  We were getting ready to hit the famous San Diego Zoo and Clover was very excited.  She went into the bathroom and then we just hear wailing.  Like it was the end of the world.  So of course we both rush into check on her.  She comes out and tells us she dropped her toothbrush in the toilet!  We didn't know what to do.  I had a moment where I was wondering why she was wailing over the toothbrush.  Then she said she fished it out!  EWWWWWWW and then told me "I didn't go pee yet so it should be okay right?"  KIDS ARE SO GROSS!  She really loved that Hello Kitty toothbrush that we picked out just for this trip but I had to put my foot down.  She was completely upset that she had to throw it away (and then she washed and thoroughly sanitized her hands).  I promised her that we would go down and buy her a brand new never dropped in the toilet tooth brush and that calmed her down a little bit.  I knew the counter was close in the bathroom but I couldn't figure out the logistics of how she dropped her toothbrush in the toilet.  So I asked her.  She told me "I was really excited and I wanted to get ready super fast to I was trying to brush my teeth while I was going potty and it just slipped."  And then she got mad at us for laughing and told us it wasn't funny.  Yes, yes it was.

We haven't had a family vacation like that in a really long time.  We did a lot of stuff but still have a lot of activities to check off the next time we go back.  We enjoyed each others company even though we were in the same hotel room for five days.  We explored a part of California that we had never been too and that part was a lot of fun.  Just being able to go and see what is out there.  Which we never would have done if we weren't willing to step out of our comfort zone and try something new.   

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