Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sailor of the SS Failboat

Salute me for I am your captain on this voyage of the SS Failboat!

Oh the crap I find on the internet and the uses I find for it.  So where do I start?  So I was tasked in making a prop for Clover's dance class.  I am basically enlarging beloved children's classic books so the kids can dance with them.  Super cute right?  So here is where my self confidence takes a nose dive.  While I am crafty, I am no way artistic.  If I see it I can make my own version but I don't really create art straight out of my head.  So I am very hesitant to label myself as Artsy.  The versions of the books I had in my head were more artsy and I kinda freaked out because I really want them to turn out well.  These are some cute kids and these books need to them justice.  And I really want them to look nice (the books and the kids).

So my brain starting turning.  Well how can I make these easier?  And in trying to make them easier I think I just made things more difficult for myself.  Go figure right?

I was poking around on the internet, you know, like I doooo, and I found a cell phone projector.  That could work, I thought.  Nooo that could really work and project the image on the board and I could just trace it!  Here is where I start getting really excited.  Like almost bouncing in my seat excited because I totally thought I had this whole thing figured out.

So I started.  I even took pictures.


Me duct taping the entire inside of a shoe box.

Tada!  Envious of my duct taping skills?
Magnifying glass.

 I followed the instructions and built my master piece.  I ran inside and turned off all the lights.  Threw my cell phone in there, lined it up with a board and...

Nothing!  Okay not exactly nothing, there was a small orange circle on the board.  But nothing like they website showed! 

I even called my husband in to double check what I did wrong.  He so lovingly told me that he knew it wasn't going to work but he didn't want to take the wind out of my sails.  He did not want to sail with me on SS Failboat.  He could have at least warned me and I wouldn't have spent an hour duct taping a stupid shoe box!  He's a smart dude, I would have believed him and just worked something out.

I did work something out in my frustration of the not working dumb cell phone shoe box projector.  I grumpily stomped myself all over the house.  Then I tried something and it worked out better than the stupid projector idea would have anyways and then I was mad because I wasted all that time on the idea of making my life easier when in fact it didn't.

I do that to myself a lot.  

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