Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Drawing Lines

So I've been learning new things.  Whoo hoo.  Go me right?!?

Girly things!  I know you are proud aren't you?

So I have figured out that I suck at eye liner.  You want me to draw a line on my eyeball?  I can't even draw a straight line on paper.  Which is a flat surface.  So you want me to draw a line on a curved surface that sometimes involuntarily twitches?  That totally sounds like I will be successful right off the bat.  Or maybe not.  Everyone says it takes practice and I tried but my line always ends up wonky.  So I tried liquid.  Which looks nice on the off days where I can actually draw a line on one eye lid but is hard to recreate on the opposite lid.  Then I end up trying to work an eye pencil which I always end up smudging because that's the only way it looks like an even line. 

Enter online research. 

Youtube is helpful.  There are so many tutorials out there.  I think the key is finding someone you like.  There are tons of people on Youtube all with different personalities.  Once you find someone you like you will end up losing many many hours while watching people put colorful stuff on their face. 

Hours and hours of mine have been lost watching Wayne Goss on YouTube.  Watch the video.  You will not be sorry.  I will never draw on my eye again.  Sooooo much easier using the push liner brush.  It's my new favorite brush.  This technique also cuts down on my make up time because I'm not spending twenty minutes trying to draw a straight line...on a curves surface...without poking myself in the eye.


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    1. Glad you liked it! It's like magic right? And so easy! Just wiggle wiggle!