Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I Find On The Internet

I have to imagine that when the creators sat around high fiving themselves because they just invented the internet, they were imagining the many educational and intellectual ways people were going to be able to share information from all over the world.  My husband even gets nostalgic and happy when he shares his early bbs days.  Then it morphed into the age of information where you can literally get information on anything with a few keystrokes. 

It's amazing.  It's also eye opening.  You have access to all sorts of information and cat pictures.  Don't forget the cat pictures.  Those are a big player in the internet scheme.  Somehow while I was in random internet search mode, I came across a debate I didn't even know existed.

The Great Toilet Paper Debate.  It's real.  There is even a wiki on it?  I didn't even know this was a thing!  Here is the info-graphic on the debate.  

Around here we don't really care what way it's facing.  With two girls in the house it doesn't last long on the roll anyways.  And as long as it's on the roll (and not on the counter) my husband doesn't care which way or the other.  He is just happy it's on there.   

So now I just feel somewhat uncultured.  I also feel kind of like a bad host since I may have inadvertently offended or possibly annoyed someone with the direction my toilet paper was facing.  My apologies to any guests I may have offended.  Also I will work on being better at making sure there is a hand towel in the bathroom. 

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