Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Speaking of Autumn M & Ms

We bought one of those large trail mix containers the other day.  It was good and didn't last long.  The only problem I had with it was that it had a lot of sugar in it.  We're talking M and Ms, mini chocolate chips AND butterscotch chips.  So I decided to make my own fall trail mix.  I toasted some coconut flakes and almond slices.  

I ended up toasting the whole bag because we eat it by the handful around here.  I used half of the bag for the trail mix and about two cups of sliced almonds.  

I added a cup of white chocolate M and Ms.  Along with a cup of autumn color M and Ms.

I also added a couple handfuls of Spanish peanuts.  

It made a lot.  I divided it up and put it in snack bags so we can snack and go.  It's a little bit healthier than the other stuff we bought.  I wanted to add some raisins but it looks like we ran out.  I still thought it was pretty tasty. 

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