Monday, October 8, 2012

Every Dress From Everywhere

Since Clover has discovered that I can sew...things have gotten a little interesting.  She wants basically every dress she sees.  We have a game where she says "I want that dress!  I want that dress" and I tell her that I will put it on the list.  It's true that I am not writing all of these down but I am keeping a mental note that she wants every dress ever.  So a friend said that she wanted to see this list.  I told her I would have to find an old school dot matrix printer to print this huge list.  Since I had an extra minute or two before our crazy Monday gets going I figured I would put together a picture based list.  I do have to note that the list is currently on suspension until my little darling learns how to sleep in her own bed.  She is making an effort not since she hasn't gotten any dresses in awhile.

In no particular order...


Elizabeth Swan's Wedding Dress and basically every dress she was in from all three movies.

And then there is Angelica

Every Dress Nina wears in Imagination Movers

And every dress from Enchanted.

Every dress that Ariel wears.  Including the sail.  I like this picture because it's every dress from the movie all in one :)  I just noticed that a lot of these are fellow redheads.  

Then I found this picture and it's interesting that the dresses are the same just different colors.  

And every one of these dresses in a non scratchy form.  

Last year for Christmas she received the Cinderella and Belle dress.  I should have tried them on in the store because she wont put them on because they are toooooo scratchy.  So I think I might have to find a way to make these in some t-shirt material.  I know she is spoiled but I don't think I can whip up every dress on this list.  Maybe later on down the line if she is still in her Princess phase we can turn it into a sewing lesson and she can learn clothes construction and make her own.  I'm sure all the holes poked in my fingers from the pins would appreciate the rest.       

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