Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That Season

Finally!  Fall has made an appearance around these parts.  Here we get two seasons:  Winter and Summer.  Spring and Fall are the two weeks in-between.  The crisp mornings and very cool evenings are savored after the triple digit heat.  But my favorite...what I wait for...

Mellowcreme Pumpkins!

I know that there are a lot of candy corn haters out there but these are way better because it's all the good part of the candy corn.  The orange part :).  Yes, I realize that it's mostly all sugar but Fall only comes once a year and I need to enjoy it during the two weeks it lasts.

Don't worry though, I have a portion control system in place.  They are in a bag on the top of the pantry (I'm not the only fingers I have to keep them away from).  All the way in the kitchen.  And since I am all the way in the office, I have to get up and go in there if I want any more.

Yes, it would be easier just to move the bag in here but then I would eat them all!  Duh!        

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