Saturday, April 21, 2012

Correction: Not Lost...Just Misdirected.

I often we do things backwards or is it everyone else?  Things are different when I step outside of my bubble.  That leaves me wondering if it's just me!  For example we traveled to the Bay Area only to find out that several of the buildings we ventured into were not equipped with any form of air conditioning.  Sorry that fan on the floor does not count!  It's 76 degrees out there but I am melting in here!  I was so relieved to get back in the car with nice cool air conditioned air hitting me.  Even if we were off getting lost, we were nice and cool!  We just had to avoid any buildings that had their doors propped open.

Okay so we weren't lost.  We knew where we were at all times.  We were in San Francisco.  We just were not on the right side!  We had the Magellan going along with some Google Maps action and still managed to take a very scenic route through San Francisco.  We saw the Financial District, Union Square and China Town!  The kinda funny part of this story is that we weren't trying to see any of that.  We were trying to get to the Walt Disney Family Museum.  Luckily even with the very lengthy scenic route we managed to keep our cool and keep laughing as we dodged pedestrians, parallel parkers, busses and oh my gosh more cyclist!    

Destination 104 Montgomery St.

What's funny is that there is no 104 Montgomery!  We parked and walked half a mile taking in all the lovely sights only to find out that the 100's block of Montgomery is all banks.  What the heck?  So after a few moments of staring at each other we couldn't figure it out.  We both had two separate devices and looked up the address from different websites and everything we looked at pointed us here.  Guess what? I guess that has happened A LOT.  Or at least that is according to man that brought out the map to show us how lost we were.  We dodged into one of the buildings that was very tall, very marbly and had a receptionist.  Although he was a guy.  A manceptionist?  Spell check said that isn't a word.  Concierge? I think thats what it is.  He was helpful but I can't say he was very friendly.  He was annoyed.  Like he gets people with mickey shirts harassing him a lot.  I was half heartily hoping that he was going to be all like "Just kidding it is upstairs" but he didn't.  He half snorted and said "Yeah, you're not even close!"  And then pulled out his half folded map and showed us where we really needed to go.  And guess what?  We were not even close.  So back to the garage to weasel the car out of the parking structure.  I have never been so thankful that our home town has flat parking!  By the way, Thanks Lissa for driving!

So after the Magellan/Google Maps fail we looked up the intersection instead of the address.

Tada!  Where we should have been!

It ended up being an hour and half detour.  Screw you Google Maps!  Presidio and San Francisco have the same streets but are different!

Not only have I learned to appreciate flat parking structures I also appreciate overall flatness after experiencing the very hilly San Francisco.  By the way...Thanks Lissa for driving! (It really does bare repeating).

Destination is on the right!

So when we got there I mentioned to the door opener that we got lost and she said "we hear that a lot" and I wanted to scream at her " THEN WHY DONT YOU FIX THAT!" but I bit my tongue because I'm not that confrontational.

The Museum was very nice.  The exhibits are cool and Clover loved all the ones with the phones.  I don't have any pictures of the inside because that's not allowed.  Which sucks because it was pretty cool.

On the way back home we dodged more cyclists...

Everywhere! Okay I was really just trying to get a picture of the water but I couldn't even get that without the cyclists in the way!  

And dodged some more cyclist after that.  We hit some minor traffic and headed back over some hills.  I think that both of us were so very glad when we saw everything flatten out.  Flat, sprawled out and oh my gosh there are sheep right next to that Target!  Be it ever so flat...there is no place like home!  

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