Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not Your Normal Adventure

We just got back from whirl wind trip of the Bay area.  I didn't even drive (because of my screwed up head) but I am exhausted.  I sat in the passenger seat and pretended I was being useful by pointing out all the bicyclists.  And holy moly there where a LOT of them!  Everywhere!  I have met my "spandex" quota for life!

Friday we were stoked because we were off on our little girl's trip to see Jenny Lawson.  You know from The Bloggess!  To say that we were off for an adventure would be putting it lightly!  We were prepared though.  Not only did we have a GPS, along with Google Maps on two devices but we also had directions printed...on paper.  Getting there was no big deal.  Driving around in the Marin/Mill Valley/Larkspur/Corte Madera area was another story.  Back home we have these nice little road signs that tell us things.  Like the big yellow signs that say LANE ENDS, and because we are oh so smart here we have another yellow sign after that with a very simple picture of that said lane ending!  It's like someone was playing a really mean practical joke on us and stole all those signs in that area right before we got there!  It seemed like every lane we were in seemed to end.  Then there was that whole mountain like detour we took on the roads that were only wide enough for one car!  

We managed to find our way.

Because who doesn't travel with their own stuffed animals.  Okay these were at once alive but whatever.  The small one in the apron is Juanita just in case you were wondering.  

We still got there on time and manage to reserve a seat!  I felt a little guilty about bringing Clover to book signing with several adult themes but she was off in her own little world with her new book and her travel magna-doodle.  I know that she was in her own little world because there were several words that she is good at pointing out that we shouldn't say and she didn't manage to hear any of them.  She snapped out of it when we got in line to get our books signed and wanted her book signed too.  Her Olivia book!  Which Jenny signed because Clover asked her and she even drew a little kitty in it.  Clover was also very concerned that Hamlet Von Schnitzel was missing.  Jenny kindly told her that he broke his leg and then Clover's face got all scrunched up and she also added that he was okay and they were getting him tiny crutches and she felt a lot better.

My very first book signing!
Since we were all feeling great about the night we decided to hit up some of the activities back at the hotel and ended our evening at the fire pit with some yummy S'mores!

The next day turned out to be an adventure of it's own which is why it is reserved for its very own post.  


  1. You forgot to mention the yummy Italian pizza and gelato that was had in places that don't have air conditioners when California is having a heat wave!!!