Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes Busy is Good

Yesterday was a busy day.  I cleaned my poor neglected house.  You would not believe the effort it takes just to make the house somewhat presentable.  Believe me, sometimes I wish I was manic just so I could have a clean house.  We cleaned, we danced, Clover got a hair cut, then we got a pedi.  And we were still able to make it home in time, make dinner, reassemble the couch after washing it and I still had energy to babysit some adorable girls.  Clover had a blast having her friends over.  Throw in some Princess movies, art time and popcorn everywhere and we had ourselves a night!

Busy days are good.  Sometimes there are too many of then squished together on the calendar but sometimes it just feels good to lay down in bed after a busy day.  I had just a few minutes to watch TV with the Hubs before my eyes rolled back into my head and I passed out.

I've never been a morning person so it took me a few more minutes than usual to drag myself out of bed.  It was a good feeling knowing that it was because I did so much yesterday and not just because I woke up exhausted.  

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