Monday, January 23, 2012

My Little Hacker

My darling Clover has always had a problem with night waking.  I have just come to accept it.  For a little while she was sleeping in her room and would wait for one of us to come and get her in the morning.  Then she learned how to open the door.  Then she figured out that she could open the door and get up in the middle of the night and hop right in between us.  The between us didn't work because Daddy has to get up and get to work early.  So then she started sleeping on my side.  At first I thought it was sweet that my little darling wanted to cuddle with her Mommy.  So I would wrap my arm around her and go back to sleep.  I would be all about the co-sleeping except for the fact that my darling is a mover and a kicker when she is out.

So it started out with her getting up once around 5ish and slowly make her way down the clock until she was getting up at eleven and tried to get on bed with us.

I wasn't getting any sleep.  Something had to change.  So in an effort to find the path of least resistance, I bought her a clock that changes color when she can get up.  It's a blue nightlight until she can get up and then turns yellow when it's an appropriate time to get up.  I set the settings on the back of the clock and hoped for the best.  I wasn't surprised that it didn't work the first night.  She had made it such a habit to get up in the middle of the night.  So the first night she got up four times.  Second night twice.  Third night she got up just once.  Once wasn't so bad.  At least I wasn't waking up with a foot in my face.

So the other night she hopes in bed with me and she is so happy that she stayed in bed until the light changed.  She even wakes me up to tell me.  I look at the clock at it's 1 am.  I walk her back to her bed and look at her clock.  Sure enough it's yellow.  My little hacker has figured out how to reset her clock to show whatever color she wants.  

My friend pointed out that if this is what she is up too when she is three, I am in for it!

Oh boy don't I know it.  I need to learn how to keep up.  Maybe if I got more sleep, it would be easier.

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  1. You just have to face it...she's too smart for her own good!!!