Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Constipated

File this under "Conversations with a 3 3/4 year old".

At first we heard...

"Mom, I'm constipated."

"You are?"

"Yeah Mom...I'm constipated"

"I'm pretty sure your not..."

Then my very smart friend asks her "What does constipated mean?"

"You know...that your tired of something.  I'm tired of sitting in this car seat.  I'm constipated.  I'm ready to get out."

Then a brief conversation of what the word "constipated" really means.  So after the movie we went to hit up Target because now that they have a grocery section I find myself with an eternal definite reason to go to Target.  She picked out a paddle and ball to play with and I let her play with it in the back seat while my friend drove us home.

"Mooooooom!  I can't get it!  I can't get my ping pong paddle and ball to work!  ARRGGGG!  I'm so constipated with it!"

"Honey, I think you mean frustrated.  You are frustrated with your ping pong paddle and ball."

"What's frustrated mean?"

"That you can't get something so you get kind of grumpy.  Or you are really tired of something.  You mean you are frustrated.  Not constipated.  Constipated means you can't poop.  You have to practice your ping pong paddle.  It's not something you are going to get right away."

Tries again.

"Moooom!  I'm frustrated with my ping pong paddle!  and I'm constipated!"

At least I can say I tried.

Ps.  She really isn't constipated.  The fiber gummies have really helped with that.

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