Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lightning Millie Cuteness Crystal Diamond

I found myself with some extra free time this afternoon, after volunteering, running errands and grabbing some pho for lunch.  I'm sitting here with a whopping forty five minutes before I have to start the trek and hunt for a parking spot to go and pick up my kid from school.  Part of me was wondering if I felt like writing.  Sometimes I am in a writing mood and other times I don't want to write something that isn't going to be up to my normal wordy standards.  Part of me just wants to sit here and pet the lazy cat that is in the office chair next to me.

Yes, after being petless for almost five years, we broke down and got a cat.  Clover asked to go to the pet store and look at the animals.  I told her no because I knew if I saw a cat in one of those tiny cages waiting for someone to come in and take it home, I was going to be that sucker.  And then she laid it on thick with those cute eyes and then came the "Pllleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee?" and as you can see my resolve didn't last long. 

So we went in.  Wouldn't you know?  There was a cat in there.  One.  One small white and black cat who needed a home.  Then the nice girl asked if we wanted to pet her.  So we did and Clover called the cat over and she came to her and my mind was made up.  But I couldn't just bring her home.  We had to decide this as a family.  So by the time I got home my husband was asking me why I just didn't bring the cat home.  I thought he was joking when he said to bring her home via text message. 

So we went home empty handed.  The next day I decided I wanted this cat.  So we went back and it turns out that there is an adoption process.  They go through a local shelter and it is up to the shelter if they approve your application or not.  I was not aware of this.  Clover was bouncing up and down and singing about how we were getting a cat.  I felt horrible when I told her that that we had to once again go home empty handed.  I went home and submitted the application and three days later we got the call to arrange a day to come and pick her up. 

Here is Lightning Millie Cuteness Crystal Diamond.  Clover was told that she could name her anything she wanted so she picked out all of the cute things that she liked.

Helping the tiny human with her numbers.

Kitty likes Imgur.

Watching Youtube with the human that gives her pate. 

If ever there was an award for being a chill cat, this cat would win hands down.  She is so patient with our six year old who can get in her face quite a lot.  She doesn't make a crazy amount of noise at night and has not once woken me up.  I think we are going to get a long just fine.

Her tiny human taking a picture of her.

Waiting with Olivia for the tiny human to get home from school.  

I have become one of those people who post annoying pictures of their kid all the time and now I post pictures of my cat too.  What can I say?  They are both really really adorable! 

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