Tuesday, September 23, 2014

But, What If I'm Not Ready

The other night Clover was getting snuggled in bed.  Everything was in order.  Her book was picked out and her crocheted rainbow blanket on the bed.  She popped out of under the leaf that hangs over her bed to tell me "Mom, I'm six now.  I'm a little old to be sleeping with stuffed animals in my bed.  Dontcha think?"

The voices started in my head.  What?!?  No?!?  You're still a baby!  You can sleep with whatever stuffed animal you want to sleep with!  But I heard myself calmly say "If you feel like that is what you want to do than that is fine"

She thought about it for a minute.  "Yeah, Olivia can sleep on the side of my bed.  She doesn't actually have to sleep WITH me."

Yes she does!  She has slept with you since forever.  Her neck is all wobbly from where you put her in a headlock every night! 

We read her story and snuggled before I turned on her lullabies and kissed her goodnight.  Olivia was still tucked into the side of her bed.

I'm not too sure I can handle my baby deciding that she is over this stage in her life.  Yes, I know realistically that she is going to grow up, but why does it have to be so fast?

When I peeked on her later in the night she had pulled Olivia out and had her in a headlock.  I sighed a heartfelt sigh of relief.  As I walked down the hall all I could think was that I'm still not ready.        

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