Thursday, September 4, 2014

Obsessed With

I've been catching up with my Youtube subscriptions.  I've been watching a lot of beauty vloggers.    One of the things I find funny is the lingo a lot of these people use.  "I'm like obsessed with it" and "I've been in love with this forever".  I'm taking a shot in the dark and guessing that you mean that all figuratively and not literally.  Because I think it would be hard to function while that blush is preoccupying your mind continually, intrusively and to a troubling extent.  It's blush, it's pinkish or coral or orange and you put it on your cheeks.  I'm finding it hard to comprehend how you are thinking of that to a troubling extent.  You could just say your found something that you really really liked.  See the two reallys mean you double like it, or love it.

With that being said, I found stuff that I really really love!

First is an independent make up company called Shiro Cosmetics.  I have tried the eye shadows.  They do loose powders and have just started selling pressed as well.  They have beautiful colors and they have some very creative color names.  Some of them are on the geeky side but honestly that is what drew me in.  The quality is what made me place a second order.  You can also turn any eye shadow (as long as it is lip safe) into a lip gloss which I also did for Wild Flowers and it's my new favorite thing ever!  

The two that started this endeavor.  Up all night to get Loki and Jareth's Tight Pants. 

Hubby bought me a mini haul for my birthday.  He's a good hubby.  

Hurried swatches on my hand because I was so excited to open them!

My other favorite thing I actually bought awhile ago.  I managed to scare my husband half to death with it while in San Francisco.  He walked into a dimly lit bathroom and saw the goblin king on the counter.  "Honey why is creepy thing in the bathroom?"

He just happens to be my makeup inspirations so why not put him on a makeup bag?

Makeup:  It doesn't look that hard...

It's harder than you think Sarah!  So while browsing forums I came across a company that will custom print bags.  It's called ArtsCow and they will pretty much custom print anything from tiny key chains to large tote bags.  If you want it on a bag you can get it through them.  Every now and then they do some really cool sales.  The printing on the bag is really nice.  It's fabricky and not plasticy and I have traveled with it a bunch for the last couple of months and it's held up pretty nicely.

P.S.  Jareth is not creepy!

Although I did just realize right now that he was in my makeup and on my bag so maybe I am a little obsessed with the goblin king?  Maybe even literally.                

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