Monday, June 24, 2013

Doing the Girly Girl Thing

As I have stated before I'm not the girliest of girls.  I should rephrase that.  I am minimalistic in the girly department.  I'm pretty low maintenance.  I am the jeans and a t shirt girl.  There was one time I wore a skirt to a geeky movie premier and got stared at.  I wanted to scream that I was one of them I just left my geek gear at home since I was on a date with my husband but I still got looked at like I was invading their territory.  That's what I get for trying to expand my closet. 

My hair is wash and wear because even when I straighten it I can't tell the difference. 

I'm still learning how to accessorize.  I like my special pieces.  I have a lot of very creative friends that have made me some rockin jewels, I just have to remember to put them on.

So why is my bathroom counter currently covered in girly stuff?

As you have probably figured out my darling Clover is the exact opposite of me.  She is the outgoing one that loves to dance and dress up!  She got to do both in her second dance show.    

Being a mom has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions.  This was no exception.  Last year it was tulle and rhinestones this time I was thrown right in the middle of hair rollers and glitter!  This year wasn't as scary since it was our second year.  Last year we were fortunate to have some help getting ready.  I was clueless so we invaded a friends house.  I felt confident enough to go it alone this year but I still asked some friends for tips and hit up youtube for some tutorials. 

The hardest part was getting her hair into the ponytail.  It's what we fight about on a daily basis.  For being a girly girl she sure does hate brushing her hair.  She told me that we should film a video on how to do her hair.  She even started narrating it but the second the bush hit her hair there were tears.  As soon as the rollers came out she was fine.  She liked that part.  And when it was time for make up she was all about it.  After the curlers were in she insisted on sitting on the sink while I did her make up.  While she was sitting there she spun herself around and turned on the sink and added soap.  So she is sitting then getting the royal treatment.  Her hair is in curlers and her feet are soaking in the sink while her assistant (I mean Mom) does her make up. 

I took a picture just in case she does grow up to be a star, I have embarrassment material :)

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  1. Yea forblittle girly girls. Love it. Have to admit having a girly girl of my own is a dream. I love how one day Chloe can be down and dirty and the next prancing around in a tutu. Best of both worlds.