Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things My Five Year Old Says

She hung out with Hubby's friend the other day and as they were chatting in the back seat he asked her

"Who is your favorite Princess?"

Clover "Uhm...I like Snow White (pause) AND Briar Rose.  And Pocahontas..."

"No wait just one!"

Me from the font seat "Depends on what time of day you ask her"

"If you had to pick just ONE princess to be your all time favorite...who would it be"

Clover "Leslie!"

All of us "Who is Leslie?"

Clover "you know mom the movie with the dread pirate and the really big guy!"

Me as it clicks "You mean Wesley?"

Clover as it clicks for her "Yeaaaah Wesley is the pirate.  Buttercup!  Princess Buttercup is my favorite princess!"

I will admit I smiled a little bit at that one because it's awesome.


Clover "Hey you want tickets to this?"

Me "Tickets to what?"

Clover throws up her arms and shows off her muscles "Tickets to the gun show!"

Aren't things your child picks up from other people great?


"What did you learn in school today?"

Clover "We learned about cows!"

"What about cows"

Clover pipes up "That they MOOOO and give milk."

"Well how do they give milk?"

In all seriousness she replies with "They pee it out"

I almost spit my ice water all over the inside of the car.

We had to explain the whole udders thing and she said that made more sense to her than cows peeing out milk.


Lazily laying in bed this morning and watching a cartoon she starts panicking because I farted in the bed.

"Quick Mom!  Get out of here!  We need to run out of here before your fart ball catches us!"


I stand by my statement that she is indeed the funniest person I know. 

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