Thursday, May 17, 2012

Watermelon The Tutorial

I stole this watermelon.  Okay I didn't steal it.  Stealing is wrong.  My friends left it here.  We didn't get around to eating it last night when we bbq'ed.  So they forgot it and I ate it.  Well I had help.  And I would have gotten away with it too had I not felt the need to take pictures so I could show you what I was talking about.  I got asked how I cut up my watermelon.  I tried explaining my technique but sometimes I have trouble with words.  So here is my pictorial.   Please follow these instructions VERY CAREFULLY!  This comes from someone who cut up their hand on a pumpkin.  Veggies can be dangerous.  

Mmm Watermelon.  Knife and spoon.

Cut watermelon in half.

With a knife slice horizontal lines down about an inch apart.  And here is where my daughter 
reminds me "Don't cut yourself MOM!"

When you are done with your lines it will look like this.

Then turn your watermelon and make the same lines and you will end up with a grid.
Kind of looks like graph paper.

Then take a spoon and dig it in.

Scoop out.

Keep going.

You will have little rectangular chunks of watermelon.  This technique works well for me with minimal juice on the counter.  

Ps.  Thanks for the watermelon!  

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  1. Saw this after reading this blog entry lol:

    I cut watermelon completely different from both yours and this gals way.