Monday, May 14, 2012

Trinkets and Other Pretties

Crafting time comes in spurts with me.  Hubby was out of town for a night last week and I found myself with a few hours of time with nothing planned.  I posted a pic of the aftermath of what my counter looked like.  I am happy to report that it has all been cleaned up and balance and harmony has been restored.

It all started with a trip to the hardware store that morning.  I love LOVE love going to the hardware store!  I love the faces and the quizzical looks I get when I ask employees about stuff and they have NOOO idea what I am talking about.  For example:

Me:  Excuse me...Do these washers have lead in them?  The package would say right?

Nice Employee:  Yes they would be clearly labeled.  Those are zinc coated.  They do not have lead.  Uhhh what are you using it for?  (Here is where they want to impart some of their hardware knowledge on me)

Me:  I'm going to make a necklace out of it.

Nice Employee:  (Nodding head)  Okay then...

And then they usually walk off because they have no idea what I am talking about and probably think I am crazy.  It happens a lot.  I'm used to it.

Duct Tape is awesome!

I found that my cricut cuts rectangles out with holes in the corner that is perfect for making little book pendants!  

Just add a cover and a jump ring!

Tada!  Cute right?  I love this one!  

That was kind of a surprise craft.  One of those ones that just comes to mind and the Heavens sing type of a moment.  

Here are the books stacked.  

I had originally went to the store to buy washers for necklaces because I wanted to make something a long the lines of these.  

"Mother" in different languages.  Looks fuzzy in the picture though.  

This one was made with a Pirates of the Caribbean themed scrapbook paper. It has the Pirate code of Captain Jack on it.  I loved the last one which was IX.  Ye shall wear clean underbritches.

I had made some more washer necklaces but I had made them with paper I had printed on my inkjet printer and heartbreak followed because the ink ran.  I wasn't a fan of how the others turned out.  Like I say for every cool craft I do there are 5 in the garage no one sees.  

I also worked on perfecting my Tree of Life pendents that I saw on Craftster.

This one was the one I made for my Mom with some Turquoise that they had picked up for me a few years ago when they went through Arizona.  

Overall I think it was a great use of my free evening which spurred three days of crafting off and on.  


  1. Those are pretty neat and I love the one you sent me for Mother's Day :) Honestly, I never thought to go to a hardware store and look for craft kit there. One would imagine that there would be lots of cool things there. Perhaps one day I will wonder off into one. That's a pretty neat haul you got there and the book is adorable. Good job!

  2. There is so much stuff in a hardware store. I usually walk out with a couple of things. You just have to make sure you know whats in it and make sure there isn't anything dangerous in it. I get my wire from the craft store. Wire from the hardware store has lead in it.

  3. Neat items. I never thought of asking a question and the reply being crafty. LOL Sounds like a lot of fun actually. Love the Pirate necklace.
    The book necklace is unique as well. Will have to try them.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. The hardware store is one of my favorite supply stops! Great ideas you have...I have to try the book necklace. Adorable!

  5. cute book - which cricut cart and what size was the cut?

  6. The rectangles were cut from Plantin Schoolbook. The star/rectangle on the tall ball setting.

  7. Hi Juju,

    I found your blog from Craft Gossip and am wondering if you have an Esty shop? My daughter was a library helper this year in school and I think the librarian would love your book pendant as an end of year gift.

  8. Hi Regina,

    Thanks for letting me know I was linked on Craft Gossip. I wondered where all the extra traffic was coming from :) To answer your question, I currently do not have an etsy shop. Although I do think about it from time to time. Things are a little busy right now but if I do open one I will let you know. I am expecting some down time in July.