Sunday, August 17, 2014

What is Your Back Story?

It's weird waking up and thinking about how over half of the year is over already.  It seemed like just yesterday we were planning our first 5K run and excited over Spring Break.  Then there was a birthday party and all of those celebrations that go along with it.  Like my annual "Hey My Kid is Still Alive" celebratory happy dance and cookie that I enjoy after my kid goes to sleep and the party mess is cleaned up.  Although that didn't happen this year.  Because things weren't okay.  Instead of a cookie, we were eating the middle out of some Costco chocolate cake in the back of a truck that smelled like pickles in a hospital parking lot.  That entire sentence sounds like it need a back story.  

So where to begin?  We did a Super Hero Costume birthday party for Clover this year.  It was fun up until the last ten minutes.  My darling daughter did one leap too many off of the trampoline and landed on her arm.  Yes, that is kid broke her arm...on her her own party! 

There were tears and Hubby knew just by looking at her that her arm was broken.  He had quite a few broken limbs as a kid.  So we threw literally everything that was left over from the party in the backseat and headed to the ER.  She had fallen asleep on the way there so I thought maybe we had dodged a bullet but that was not the case.  She was just exhausted.  So medical stuff and mumbo jumbo and about three hours later the xray confirmed that she did indeed break her arm.  They patched us up and sent us home with follow up appointments.  So when we got to the truck we did what anyone with half a chocolate cake in the backseat would do.  We ate it.  It just happened to be sitting next to half a bowl of giant pickles that Clover wanted at her party. 

Several months later it dawned on me that I never got my cookie.  And seeing how my kid is still alive and we survived everything I think I still deserve one.  Better late that never, right?

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