Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stinking Addicting Potatoes

Hubby wanted to kick the weekend off right and have a fire in the fire pit.  I was all about it.  Nice and relaxed hubbies are good things.  He said he wanted some appetizers for dinner and that I should just pick something up from the freezer section.  I know he was trying to make dinner easy for me but the thought of putting greasy pre fried food in my stomach wasn't sitting right with me.  Especially not after the McDonalds the night before.  Me and fast food just don't get a long anymore.  Not that it's a bad thing.  I probably shouldn't be eating this stuff anyways but Clover was sick and wanted Chicken Nuggets so that is what we had.  I have started to just pick up happy meals lately.  I get a smaller portion and an extra toy for Clover to play with so it works out.  Even with a smaller portion the nugget/fry combo didn't sit well that night.  So my stomach was already out of whack.  I decided that it would be better just to make my own appetizers.  This would take a bit more time than just popping some stuff in the oven but in my head, my stomach would thank me.

So I found this potato recipe over at Diethood - Loaded Baked Potato Rounds.   Here is where I admit that I didn't follow the recipe exactly.  I skimmed it and in my hurried state didn't get to the bottom where it says they precook the potato.  Whoopsie.  But you know what?  They came out perfect anyways.  I sliced them pretty thin.  Not potato chip thin but still thick enough to hold the toppings.  And to shorten the cooking time I micronuked the bacon.  I layed out the rounds on a lightly greased tin foiled covered sheet pan.  I used about three potatoes.  Then I sprinkled on some cheese and bacon.  I cooked them for about twelve minutes and then added some more cheese and cooked them for ten more minutes.  They were done all the way when I pulled them out and still had stability to hold up while dipping them.  They were soooo yummy.  You get the same flavor as a baked potato without having to wait an hour to cook them. 

I was a little worried about reintroducing dairy back into my diet since I have been weened off it for awhile due to the gastritis but I didn't have a problem at all.  I'm going to have to take it easy though or else I might dive into the diary isle head first.

Between the three of us we ate the entire half sheet pan.  I will admit that I snacked on a few before the plates made it out to the fire pit.

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