Monday, May 20, 2013


Today saw the return of Crock Pot Mondays!  I missed it a couple weeks in a row so it felt good to get back in the swing of things.  Today I utilized the Crock Pot to make some home made stock which I then used for Chicken and Dumplings.

I started out chopping up a whole chicken so that the water can get to the bones.  It wasn't pretty but I have a good pair of kitchen scissors that make quick work out of it.

Then I added some carrots, celery, onion, garlic and a bay leaf because for some reason every recipe that involves chicken stock has a bay leaf.  I then covered it with some water and set it on high.  I had it on from 10:30 am to about 5 pm.

The chicken gave it it's all!  
At about five o'clock, I started the base.  I chopped a few carrots, some onion and celery.  I sweated them out for about twenty minutes over medium heat until the onions were clearish.  Then I added the strained chicken stock.  I just ladled it from the Crock Pot to the soup pot through a strainer.  Once the chicken cooled I picked it.  It wasn't exactly cool, I did singe my fingers a bit.  

While that was coming up to a boil I started the dumplings.  I like floaters.  Big fluffy biscuit like dumplings!  So I use Bisquick.  There I let go of my secret!  I found the heart healthy Bisquick makes nice fluffy dumplings.  I just follow the directions on the box.  I do add a little bit of poultry seasoning and garlic powder to the batter and then I scoop it out with my small ice cream scoop. Since my dumplins start out small I only cook them half the time recommended on the box.  I do pull one out and cut it in half to make sure it's done.  It usually is and then I get the treat of the first dumpling.  

Big pot of yumminess!  

Waiting for this bowl to cool off seemed like it took forever!  

 Yes, I burned my mouth.  But it was totally worth it!

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