Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

Welcome to the Happy Sappy Love Song Station Hosted by yours truly this afternoon.  :)  Don't cap on my music taste either!  I love them all!

Along with Don't Give Up from Darren Hayes (via Grooveshark)
I love this song as well!
Bloodstained Heart Video via YouTube

One of my all time favorite songs
So Beautiful by Darren Hayes via YouTube

I love this song by JC.  No matter what I will always be right there by Hubby's side.
Right Here (By Your Side) via Grooveshark

Another song I love from JC.
You Ruined Me via Grooveshark

It's got what it takes.  So tell me
Why Can't This Be Love by Van Halen (Sammy) via Grooveshark

Because this song makes me laugh
I Wanna Have Your Babies by Natasha Beddingfield via YouTube

Blast from the Past
Get into the Groove by Madonna via Grooveshark

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