Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dyeing Summer

On with the Summer fun activities! 

I ordered the Tulip Tie Dye Spray kit from Walmart and it sat on the shelf for a couple of days.  As much as I wanted to bust it out and start dyeing stuff I knew there would be some fall out from the dye. 

And this is why I told her we had to wait until after dance class before we played with the dye.  Just so you know, a couple dips in the pool will wear out the dye on skin.

Setting up the kit.

She saw every shirt as a blank canvas.  

I think her favorite colors were red and orange.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I can recommend the kit.  The spray bottles are good ideas but they clogged very easily and just left big dye spots on our projects.  

Our projects all bagged up and waiting on curing.  We waited six hours.

My dyed hands.  I wore the gloves but every single one I put on had a hole in them.  

Shirts after rinsed.  Hung to dry.  

Some of the different colors. 

I let her use sponges.  This one came out a little scary.
The box says that the kit will do about 21 projects.  But the instructions say not to let the dye sit more than 24 hours or it will lose it's color.  Which I guess will work if you want more subdued colors.  Not to mention that the gloves were horrible and didn't work.  Next time I will just buy liquid dyes and put them into bottles myself.  It would probably be cheaper. 

Even though the kit didn't turn out to be that great, we still had fun with it and that is what matters.  We also have a new Halloween shirt to wear in October.

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