Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tiana Inspired

We have already established that I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing this weekend.  And we have already established that Tiana is my favorite Disney Princess (along with Merida, Repunzel and Anna). 

Since I already had my beading stuff out I decided to go through my stash and work on some things that I had planned on making but never got around to it.  I also unpacked a lot of stuff and put it away in my bead containers. 

Apparently I have a lot of blanks.  I need to get crackin!

 I had some left over spoons and forks left over from a Tinkerbell inspired bracelet I made so I thought about turning them into a Tiana inspired charm bracelet.  The "You Never Know" charm was part of the Frog charm set that I turned into a necklace.

The little frog is even wearing a crown.  The charm is cute but kind of hard to see on the necklace.  I added the green crystal dangley for color.

I'm not sure when I will wear these but it made me happy just to work on them so it's a win in my book.   

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