Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Try The Gray Stuff...It's Delicious.

While looking through my pictures, I found some random shots I took from the last Disneyland trip.  This last trip seemed to be all about the food.  I'm already a self proclaimed foodie.  I love trying new stuff!  A few years ago, before we had a kid we ventured to Disneyland and hated the food.  We tried a couple of places and we were totally grossed out. 

I am happy to say that the park has stepped up their food game. 

So the gray stuff I was talking about?  The Worcestershire Cream Sauce on the Cajun Meatloaf.  This was from the French Market.  I love Worcestershire sauce already but they turned it into something very yummy.  We recently rediscovered the French Market.  It has become one of our favorite stopping places.  We hang out there for snacks at the Mint Julep Bar and relax under the shade.  If you wait around long enough the live band comes out and plays.  This is one of Clover's favorites.  She loves dancing to the live music. 

Also gray? The seasonal dessert!  

I did manage to work off any desserts that I had.

Before our trip I picked up a FitBit Flex bracelet.  I've always been curious to how much we walk around the park.  One small hiccup in the device is that I noticed that it doesn't do a good job of picking up the steps while I am pushing the stroller.  Yes, my child is five and I still use a stroller.  It works really well at navigating the crowds and gives her a place to take her twenty minute power naps.  

Speaking of navigating, it was a little tricky navigating my food options this trip.  I have still been having tummy troubles and have temporarily given up dairy.  So that means no afternoon ice cream.  Yeah I was totally bummed out too but I found lots of alternatives.  Some of them of the not sweet variety.  One of our favorites...

 Yum!  Take some time and enjoy a corn break. 

 Our buddy was very fond of the corn also.

 At one point I was feeding the duck out of my hand which I think makes me a true Disney Princess.  

This sauce, y'all!  Hot and Spicy on a Banyan Beef Skewer.  Seriously...this sauce.

We have our favorites that we start drooling over on the drive down there.  We affectionately call this "Meat on a stick".  We usually hit this the first day in the park.  I had never been here until last year when my friend mentioned the bacon wrapped asparagus at the Bengal Barbecue.  It's that place that makes Adventureland smell so good.  It serves...meat on a stick.  There is some gratifying about walking around the park all day and then sinking your teeth into some meat on a stick.  My favorite is a Banyan Beef.  But seriously that sauce is hot.  So this time to save my tastebuds and my grumpy tummy, I ordered a Bengal Beef and ordered the Hot and Spicy on the side.  It was a lot easier to control the heat on my meat.  Does anyone have the recipe for this sauce?  Because I feel like that hole I am missing in my life could be because I can't make this sauce at home.  Tie your napkin around your neck cherie, because this stuff gets messy.  Maybe next time I should just bring a container and take it home.  Think they would sell it to me by the gallon?

I would love to go on and on about my favorite park food but the five year old is currently barking at my chair.  So off I go.  And just in case my title gave you and earworm here is the song from Beauty and the Beast.

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