Sunday, March 24, 2013

Three Months of Planning

I usually start birthday planning for Clover in January.  Even though her birthday is in March.  The extra time gives me an opportunity to brainstorm, bounce ideas of my party planner consultants and conduct extensive internet research.  

I love it though.  I love the creative process of party planning.  Since she has been able to talk she has picked her birthday theme.  I got the first two.  We did a blues clues bday for her first and Tinkerbell/Fairy theme for her second.  The rest she picked out.  Mickey Mouse was her third since she she was very into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Last year she wanted a Bubble party so we bought a ton of bubble stuff and it rained on us.  There was a twenty minute reprieve where the storm cleared and we rushed outside.  The kids were wet and soapy by the time they left so I'm sure the parents loved me.  

This year I took out a little insurance and booked an indoor venue.  A local gymnastics gym that does birthday parties on the weekend.  When I booked the indoor venue I also had to limit the guest list.  I wasn't able to invite as many people as I wanted.  Clover also wanted to invite her dance class this year.    I then had to think of somehow to work it into the whole Hobbit Theme.  Yes, my daughter wanted a Hobbit theme for her fifth birthday.  She loved it.  I already acknowledged that it was a weird theme but it was funny to get some of the looks we got when I told people.  Having a unique theme gave me the opportunity to think outside the box.  We took the kids on and Unexpected Journey.  It was a lot of fun gathering ideas from different sources and then brainstorming and pulling everything together.        

Some of the links I picked through

Loved the idea for treats at Mommy's Little Peanuts.

Lot's of pictures of decor and food at Catch My Party.

Made some Hobbit/Elf like flower crowns from Sound Your Horn.

Cute invite ideas from Zakka Life.

Here is a shot of the stuff before we took it to the party.  

The journey bags were filled with gummy worms and goldfish crackers.  I picked up the bags at Discount Mugs.  They were very roomy and are able to hold lots of stuff as the kids head off on their journey.

All of that for a two hour party!  

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